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  • Tama Biochemical Institute, our predecessor, was founded in 1953, when double-helix structure of DNA was discovered. The aim was the research and production of chlorophyll, the main substance for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll became our basic product developed as drugs and food additives. Since then, we have been focusing on natural products, especially active ingredients derived from plants of untapped resources, for over 50 years. We are convinced that the products extracted and refined by our original technology have contributed to support and improve people's health. The demands for quality by our customers are increasing day after day. In order to provide customers with safe products, raw material control is essential, as well as the traceability throughout the process of extraction, refining, production and shipment. From this point of view, we are strongly committed to traceability, which is the basis of our quality assurance. As we have entered an era of aging society in Japan, people will become more and more conscious on health care. Under the circumstances, our corporate mission and raison d'être have become increasingly significant. Therefore, we will dedicate ourselves to the development of technology, and contribute to people's health and happiness.

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